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Children Masks Multicolour 50 pcs a box, individually packaged Disposable, Non Woven Children Face Mask 3-ply, GB/T38880-2020 ( non-Sterile) with elastic, 25+25+25g, BFE99%. Children masks are great for protection to the outside and to protect well inwards must be well worn and closed on the nose with the metal to prevent there are “holes” where the air not filtrate can pass through The exterior is made of a “Spun Bond” fabric that provides resistance to the masks, the inside is made of the filter material a Tnt fabric made with high technology “Melt Blown” that filters up to 1-3 microns, the inner side is a layer of hypoallergic tissue tested to be gent in a contact with your skin.

This type of masks can filter up to 99%. This type of mask is very good for kids and children up to age of 12 y.o. This mask is good for school , you can wear for a long time helping you briefing good and at the same time will give you a very good protection. This mask is good for walking during the day in the city and to wear when your child is in a crowded environment

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1 box ( 50 pcs ), 2 boxes (100 pcs), 5 boxes (250 pcs ), 10 boxes ( 500 pcs), 20 boxes ( 1000 pcs), 50 boxes (2500 pcs)


Blue colour, Multi colour


School Face Masks

Stop Pollution is the ultimate stop to buy the best quality school face masks for sale in the UK. The rising danger of the coronavirus pandemic makes it essential for even the kids to protect themselves by using high-quality face masks.

At Stop Pollution, our team of professionals handpicks the most superior quality fabric to produce face masks that are suitable for the need of your little ones. They come with an exceptional filter that protects the children from impurities and any harmful coronavirus particles present in the air. Attached to our masks are two feather-soft strings that ensure that your child gets its best fit to avoid any possible exposure to the deadly particles of the virus.

We have also taken special care of the styles of our masks. Whether you wish to buy a sober mask for your child or the one with a cool design, we have got it all for you at the most affordable prices here Stop Pollution. Pick yours and add it to the cart now!

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