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This mask is a FFP3 cup series and is one of the best mask in the mark for protection. This mask will protect you in a best way and in every environment you will be. The standard of this mask is EN149:2001 +A1:2009 and comes with a CE logo It is strong mask and you can use several times up to 60 hours. The valve will help you to breath more easy, it good for more old people or people are frequently in a very busy and crowded areas Inside the mask you have extra soft material to make it more comfortable for long time using.

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1 box ( 5 pcs), 2 boxes ( 10 pcs ), 10 boxes ( 50 pcs), 50 boxes (250 pcs), 100 boxes ( 500 pcs), 300 boxes (1500 pcs), 500 boxes ( 2500 pcs )


FFP3 Disposable Respirator Masks

Stay safe at home, office, cafes, parks, and everywhere possible. Buy FFP3 disposable respirator mask online in the UK.

These marks are proven to protect you from the harmful tiny dust particles present in our surroundings in the air. Including outside purposes, these are equally beneficial and comfortable to wear inside to help you stay away from the pollution.

Our team of skilled individuals has succeeded in manufacturing these super-comfy masks. They come with 2 feather-soft strings that are to be placed over the ears to ensure a perfect fit for the masks. They come with high filtration capacity. Thus, protecting you from any diseases. To be worn over the nose to avoid any harmful particles entering your body while breathing. The inside of the mask comes with the most innovative technology of filter material that provides 3x better filtration.

Unlike most masks, these are especially produced after keeping in mind the skin concern of most people. These FFP3 molded valved masks for sale online in the UK are approved by some of the most renowned dermatologists.

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