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Disposable, Non Woven Surgical Medical Face Mask 3-ply, TYPE II R – EN14683.2009 ISO13485 Standard CE. ( non-Sterile) with elastic, 25+25+25g, BFE99%.

Surgical masks are great for protection to the outside and to protect well inwards must be well worn and closed on the nose with the metal to prevent there are “holes” where the air not filtrate can pass through The exterior is made of a “Spun Bond” fabric that provides resistance to the masks, the inside is made of the filter material a Tnt fabric made with high technology “Melt Blown” that filters up to 1-3 microns, the inner side is a layer of hypoallergic tissue tested to be gent in a contact with your skin. This type of masks can filter up to 99%, we recommend using them in a not very crowded environments.

Quantity Medical

1 Box ( 50 pcs), 2 Boxes (100 Pcs ), 5 Boxes ( 250 pcs ), 10 Boxes ( 500 pcs), 30 Boxes ( 1500 pcs), 50 Boxes ( 2500 pcs), 100 Boxes ( 5000 pcs), 200 Boxes ( 10000 pcs)


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These face covers are produced using the superior and super-comfortable “Spun Bond” fabric. This fabric provides them the resistance. The inside of the product has a filter attached that makes the filtration three times better than the ordinary masks.

These disposable surgical masks are for sale online at Stop Pollution. They also have hypo allergic tissue inside that makes them suitable for the skin. These types of face masks are capable of filtering up to 99% of the harmful impurities present in the air.

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